Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboSprint for Fast Handling of Plastic Bags

Type of handling Manual handling
Industry Chemistry / Pharmacology
Workpiece Plastic bags
Product Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems, Tube lifter, JumboSprint

A modern filling system is used in their production to fill plastic sacks with granules. Palletizing the individual sacks used to be done by one employee. The large quantity of 240 sacks per shift, each of which weigh 25 kg, was a strain on the employees. In order to reduce the physical pressure of the employees they decided to purchase a vacuum tube lifter from Schmalz.

The vacuum tube lifter JumboSprint is equipped with an ergonomic operating unit which lowers the load when the operator handle is pressed and lifts the load when the operator handle is pulled. The tube lifter JumboSprint handles heavy and unwieldy loads gently and precisely. The tube lifter is equipped with a suction cup, which has a shape that makes it possible to lift sacks. The vacuum tube lifter is attached to a WK wall-mounted slewing crane, which is designed to handle loads of up to 65 kg, thereby perfectly rounding off this complete solution.

Tube Lifter Jumbo