Vacuum Technology in the Final Assembly

Vacuum Technology in the Final Assembly

During final assembly, the car is fully assembled, meaning that the last parts, such as bumpers, cardan shaft or tank, are added to the painted body. The next step in the process is assembling the interior, the windows and attachment parts such as windshield wipers, lights, wheels, etc. In the “marriage” process, the motor and auto body are combined. After subsequent function testing, the finished car is driven from the assembly line.

Schmalz’ selection of suction cups allow even difficult-to-hold workpieces such as textiles or bumpers to be handled dynamically. For manual handling operations, vacuum lifters relieve the user of the weight of the workpieces, and make processes ergonomic and efficient.

Vacuum Technology for Handling Automotive Glass

Vacuum Technology for Manual Handling


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Products in Final Assembly

Suction Cups for Handling Sheet Metal

  • Handling of metal sheets
  • Handling of convex and concave workpieces
  • High holding forces and shear force resistance

Compact Ejectors SCPi / SMPi

  • Suction capacity up to 185 l/min
  • Max. vacuum: 85 %

Needle gripper

  • Gripping through the insertion of needles
  • Handling of workpieces that are difficult to pick up using suction
  • Handling of porous materials

JumboFlex Battery

  • Maximum lift capacity 27 kg
  • Tube lifter for handling of starter batteries with different cover geometries

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