Vacuum Technology for Vacuum Automation in Use

As an international company with an extensive portfolio of products and services, we offer solutions to customer from a variety of industries. We insprie our customer by showing how vacuum technology can be used to desin more efficient production processes.

To meet the specific demands of various industries, we offer vacuum components and System solutions for range of different automation, handling and logistics applications.

At Home in Many Industries Worldwide


Fast cycle times and high depth of automation


Contamination free and flexible handling

Fiber Composites

Handling of permeable and hardened composite materials


Mark-free and secure handling


For various surfaces and rough conditions


Removal of hot plastics leaving few marks


Flexible and FDA-approved handling


Flexible handling solutions for intralogistics and distribution logistics

Metal and Metal Sheet

Fast cycle times and high operational reliability


Extremely fast, accurate and gentle handling


Handling products with different properties


Industrial robotics and small/lightweight construction robotics

Experience the Vacuum Technology for Automation in Use

Our videos give you an insight into the application possibilities and use of vacuum technology for automation. Our media library guides you to application examples from your industry in just a few clicks - user-friendly, informative and practical.

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