Approach to System Design

The implementation from theory to practice is shown with a system design based on an example. The Schmalz Calculator offers helpful support during the system design and is available for free download in the section "Services".

Flowchart for system design

1Calculation of forces
2Suction cups
3Mounting elements
4Vacuum hoses
6Vacuum generators
7Solenoid valves
8Vacuum switches

The following calculations are based on this application:


Material: Steel sheets, stacked on a pallet

Surface: Smooth, level, dry

Length: max. 2,500 mm
Width: max. 1,250 mm
Thickness: max. 2.5 mm
Weight: approx. 60 kg

Handling system

Used system: Gantry handling system

Existing compressed air: 8 bar

Control voltage: 24 V DC

Working sequence: Horizontal Pick & Place
A steel sheet is picked up from a pallet, lifted, transported horizontally and deposited in a machining center.

Max. acceleration:
X, Y axis: 5 m/s2
Z axis: 5 m/s2

Cycle time: 30 s

Scheduled time:
for pick-up: < 1s
for releasing: < 1s

Following criteria should be taken into consideration to dimension a vacuum system: