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Powerful and Durable - Schmalz Chain hoist SCH

In industrial plants, heavy loads often have to be moved at high frequency. This requires powerful, reliable and low-maintenance chain hoists. The Schmalz chain hoist SCH is characterised by its robust housing, low maintenance and high safety when moving the loads. The double slip clutch offers the best protection against overload. With the Schmalz chain hoists, you can achieve a high level of repeat accuracy and the exact positioning of very heavy loads.

The robust motor is also suitable for the use under extreme conditions. The permanent lubrication of the gear unit and the modern DC magnetic brake contribute to the low maintenance times of the chain hoist.


  • Long lasting chain hoist with standard hoist limit switch and phosphate-coated for loads weighing up to 2,500 kg
  • High quality pressure cast aluminium housing with molded cooling fins
  • Plug & play connector means the chain hoist arrives ready to use
  • Gear units are equipped with helical gearing, making them very responsive and quiet
  • The low control voltage of 42 V and the emergency stop function ensure extremely safe operation
  • Robust operator element can be put on the operator handle of the VacuMaster
  • CSA certified (USA/Canada)
  • Standard lifting height of 3,000 mm; can be changed upon request
  • Available with optional frequency control for smooth positioning

One-hand operation with the handylift

  • Ergonomic rocker switch for left and right Hand operation
  • Chain hoist solution with mechanical load handling devices for a wide range of industrial products
  • Comfortable one-hand operation for fast and precise positioning of the load

Overview of Highlights

Robust housing

  • High-quality pressure-cast aluminum housing
  • Optimal heat transmission thanks to molded cooling fins

Plug & play electrical connections

  • Plug & play connections for all power connections
  • Easy mounting without special tools
  • Encoding to prevent faulty connections

Ergonomic controls

  • Comes with strain relief for cables and emergency stop as standard
  • Available in different lengths and with two control buttons

Guided chain

  • No jamming thanks to two-part guide
  • Wear-resistant chain sprocket made from hardened steel
  • Longer service life due to phosphated profile steel chain

Double clutch

  • Optimal protection thanks to dual principle of operation
  • Easy to service
  • Precise and easily adjustable (special tool required)

Maintenance free brake

  • Maximum safety thanks to the brake being positioned behind the sliding clutch
  • Maintenance free, modern DC magnetic brake

Robust motor for extreme application conditions

  • Two-phase pole changing drive or with frequency inverter for infinitely variable speed control
  • Very smooth running thanks to helical gearing
  • Wear free thanks to permanent lubrication of the gearbox

Standard gear limit switch

  • Easy adjustment of the lifting height
  • High repeatability for exact positioning of the load

Technical Data

ModelLoad[kg]Lifting range [mm]Chain strandsHigh speed [m/min]Pecision lift [m/min]

Maximum Permissible Load According to the Engine Group

TypeChain strandsLifting speed
Lifting speed
1Bm / M31Am / M42m / M53m / M64m / M7
SCH-S18/2 m/min9.6/2.4 m/min-350 kg250 kg200 kg*-
SCH-M18/2 m/min9.6/2.4 m/min800 kg650 kg500 kg400 kg350 kg**
SCH-M24/1 m/min4.8/1.2 m/min-1,250 kg1,000 kg800 kg650 kg**
SCH-M-FU10.7-6.9 m/min----650 kg500 kg**
SCH-M-FU20.3-3.5 m/min----1,250 kg1,000 kg**
SCH-L18/2 m/min9.6/2.4 m/min1,600 kg1,250 kg1,000 kg800 kg650 kg***
SCH-L24/1 m/min9.6/2.4 m/min-2,500 kg2,000 kg1,600 kg1,250 kg***
SCH-L-FU10.7-6.9 m/min----1,250 kg1,000 kg****
SCH-L-FU20.3-3.5 m/min----2,500 kg2,000 kg****

*1-str: min. 80 kg
**1-str: min. 100 kg / 2-str: min. 200 kg
***1-str: min. 650 kg / 2-str: min. 1,250 kg
****1-str: min. 500 kg / 2-str: min. 1,000 kg