SWGm-5S W 115x115x65 PEEK

Part no.:
Wafer gripper for fast and careful handling of photovoltaic components
Design: Sidewise exhaust air
for: wet wafers
Length L: 115 mm
Width B: 115 mm
Height H: 65 mm
Material: Polyetheretherketon
SWGm-5S W 115x115x65 PEEK
Attribute Value
B 115 mm
d 6 mm
d1 4.5 mm
d2 14 mm
G1 G1/8"-F
G2 M4-F
G3 M4-F
H 65 mm
H2 10.5 mm
L 115 mm
X1 46 mm
X2 80.6 mm