Ejectors with Atmospheric Ventilation SEAC ECO

  • Ejector for decentralized vacuum generation for the use in many different applications with short cycle times
  • In vacuum systems as economic solution thanks to the automatic release using atmospheric ventilation

Our Highlights...

  • Operation with only one compressed air line
  • Atmospheric ventilation
  • Connection to holder system HTS with the proven “backpack concept”
  • No filter, no spare parts

Your Benefits...

  • Half installation effort and reduced costs for pn. installation material such as valves, hoses etc.
  • Reduced energy costs by more than 50%, since no air is consumed during quick and accurate release of parts
  • Flexible adaptation to all common toolings; holder does not have to be adjusted again if the ejector is replaced
  • Maintenance-free operation, thus reduced costs of maintenance and spare parts

Individual items in the product family Ejectors with Atmospheric Ventilation SEAC ECO


Nozzle size: 1,0 mm
with: atmospheric release
Pressure range (operating pressure):
4.0 ... 6.0 bar