• Ready-to-connect vision & handling set for lightweight robots and cobots based on an intelligent, electrical vacuum generator including camera system
  • Detection of flat and rectangular surfaces (BoxPick) or of complex and varying surfaces (ItemPick) using two software modules
  • In addition to the vacuum gripping system, the product contains a camera and a projector
  • Use in bin-picking and order-picking applications
  • Integrated interface for controlling, regulating and monitoring the handling process
Twoja aplikacja dla zestawów wizyjnych i do obsługi

Chcesz sprawdzić, czy Twoja aplikacja jest kompatybilna z naszymi zestawami Vision & Obsługa? Sprawdzimy to za Ciebie!

Najważniejsze cechy produktu
  • Minimal integration time thanks to the ready-to-connect set
  • Little robotics experience required for installation
  • Intuitive user guidance reduces startup times
  • Improved energy efficiency of processes through integrated automatic adaptation
Vision & Handling Sets 3D-R
  • 1: 3D sensor for recording the workpiece position in real time (incl. holder for end-of-arm applications)
  • 2: Projector for optimal lighting in difficult lighting conditions
  • 3: Flange suitable for mounting on a robot
  • 4: Intelligent electrical vacuum generator ECBPi
  • 5: Anodized aluminum flange extension
  • 6: VEE basic module enables quick connection of various suction cups
  • Gripping system based on an electrical vacuum generator including camera system and software
  • Solution for Box- and Item-Pick
  • Suitable for operation with lightweight robots and cobots
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