Rope Balancers NEO 30

  • Battery operated rope balancer from Binar Handling for intuitive and precise lifting of loads up to 30 kg
  • Easy to use in common rail systems thanks to the swivel joint, which is attached to the trolley or an eyebolt
  • 200 to 500 lifting strokes can be performed on just one battery charge
  • Flexible connection of end effectors such as scissor gripper for handling a wide variety of rectangular loads such as boxes, paving stones, etc.
Product Highlights
  • Mobile handling solution for easy moving of workpieces at different workstations
  • Plug and play – the device is ready for use in just a few simple steps
  • Operation with rechargeable batteries eliminates the need for complex and expensive connections to supply media
  • Simple operating concept with only one backlit on/off button avoids operating errors
  • Safe and precise handling enables operators to lift loads ergonomically
Rope Balancers NEO 30
  • Robust and rubberized body (1) with flush integrated battery as rear panel (2)
  • LED charge level indicator (3) on the battery pack
  • On/Off button (4)
  • Easy up and down movement of control handle (5) supporting operator
  • Bayonet interface (6) at the bottom of the control handle for easy connection of end effectors
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Battery operated for mobile use
  • Up to 500 lifting strokes per battery charge
  • Max. lift capacity: 30 kg

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