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Smart Hands for Every Cobot

Gripping Solutions from Schmalz for Cobots & Lightweight Robots

Small and light robots with payloads of up to 25 kilograms are becoming increasingly popular in numerous applications, even in small and medium-sized companies. After all, they are much cheaper than classic industrial robots, can be programmed without specialist knowledge and can work hand in hand with people as so-called cobots. Tailor-made gripper systems are the prerequisite for the robots being able to be flexibly adapted to almost any task.

Schmalz offers grippers and vacuum generators for all common cobots and lightweight robots on the market, providing individual and optimum solutions for a wide range of applications - easy to select, easy to integrate.

The Right Gripper for Every Task

In order to interact with their environment and perform the tasks, lightweight robots, like all industrial robots, depend on tools - and in many cases these are vacuum grippers. These form the interface to the workpiece and are therefore a decisive part of the overall system. With their help, the robots can pick up, move, position, process, sort, stack and deposit a wide variety of goods and components.

Vacuum gripping systems allow particularly gentle handling of workpieces, a compact and space-saving system design and gripping from above. Precisely because the object does not have to be gripped, the vacuum suction cupenables gapless positioning next to each other.

Our Products for Cobots and Lightweight Robots

Handling Sets

Predefined gripper sets allow you to quickly select a standard gripper for your Cobot. The gripper sets include a vacuum generator and the corresponding gripper.

Vacuum grippers

Vacuum grippers are particularly suitable for the use with Cobots. They are gentle on the workpiece and offer safety for for the Operator.

Vacuum generators

Electric vacuum generator from Schmalz offer great flexibility. These CobotPumps are independent of compressed air and require no additional tubing.

Selection aids

With the Schmalz selection aids you can quickly and easily find the right products for you and your application. Try it now!

Overview of System Components

The individual components and technologies combine to form a highly efficient overall system - and at the same time enable maximum flexibility in the applications.

One of the major advantages for smaller companies and craftsmen is the simple commissioning of the Cobots with vacuum grippers. To work with the intelligent and highly efficient systems, no complicated robot programming is required - just intuitive, guided teach-in of the robot is sufficient. If the vacuum generator is connected to a Smartphone via NFC, the Schmalz ControlRoom app can be used to read out and evaluate data, make settings for the vacuum generator and order spare parts. This makes commissioning even faster.