Multi-Clamp Suction Plates VC-M-SP / VC-M-SPV

  • Multi-Clamp suction plate for clamping small and medium-size workpieces for manual processing or mounting
  • The bottom suction area fixes the suction plate to the workbench, while the vacuum on the top side fixes the workpiece
  • Version VC-M-SP with integrated vacuum generation through the Venturi principle (can be operated on any conventional compressed air supply)
  • Version VC-M-SPV with connection for external vacuum pump for independent use at any location

Our Highlights...

  • Soft friction and sealing materials
  • VC-M-SP variant integrated with vacuum generation
  • Very simple assembly and operation

Your Benefits...

  • Clamping solution that is gentle on the workpiece compared to conventional manual clamping systems
  • No additional vacuum pump required
  • Immediately ready for use anywhere

Individual items in the product family Multi-Clamp Suction Plates VC-M-SP / VC-M-SPV


VC-M-SP 160x160x30
Multi-Clamp - Suction plate with integrated vacuum generation
Length L: 160 mm
Width B: 160 mm
Height H: 30 mm
Air consumption: 2.88 m³/h
Air consumption: 48 l/min
Suction rate: 2.3 m³/h
VC-M-SPV 160x160x30
Multi-Clamp - Suction plate for operation with vacuum pump
Length L: 160 mm
Width B: 160 mm
Height H: 30 mm