Accessories for Vacuum Suction Cups

Accessories Vacuum Suction Cups

  • Supplemental products for the suction cup range, including sleeves, filter screens, washer inserts and support elements

Spring Plungers (FSTE/FSTA/FSTI/FSTF)

Are used for spring-mounting of suction cups, particularly in fully automatic systems, to ensure that the cups can be placed carefully,even on easily damaged workpieces. Spring plungers also compensate for varying workpiece heights.

Spring Plungers

Touch Valves

  • Sensing plunger for mechanically checking suction cup coverage
  • For opening the vacuum line

Check Valves and Flow Restrictors

  • For closing the vacuum lines of uncovered suction cups

Jointed Mountings

  • Multi-directional jointed mountings for adjusting the suction cups to uneven surfaces

Sealing Rings DR

  • Internal diameters: 3.5 to 48 mm
  • Material: PA