Accessories Needle Grippers SNG-M

  • Needle gripper is connected using the mounting plate
  • Flexible compressed air hose connection

Our Highlights...

  • Adapter flange plate with G1/4” female thread
  • Angle plug-in screw union for compressed air hose connection

Your Benefits...

  • Perfect adaptation to further mounting components
  • Compact and secure connection to the compressed air hose
  • Swivel angular screw connection for ease of alignment

Individual items in the product family Accessories Needle Grippers SNG-M


BEF-PL 31x34x11.5 G1/4-IG SNG
Mounting plate
Length L: 31 mm
Width B: 34 mm
Height H: 11.5 mm
Thread G1: G1/4"-F
for: Needle gripper
Push-in Fitting, swivelling elbow
Thread G1: M5-M
External hose diameter: 6 mm
Material: Plastic
Push-in Fitting, straight
Thread G1: M5-M
External hose diameter: 6 mm
Material: Brass
Surface: nickel plated
Ambient temperature: -20 ... 80 °C
VSL 6-4 PU
Hose for vacuum and compressed-air systems
External diameter D: 6 mm
Internal diameter d: 4 mm
Length (max): 500 m
Material: PU
Installation radius (min): 35 mm
Pressure range (operating pressure):
-0.95 ... 10.00 bar
Ambient temperature: -20 ... 90 °C