Needle Grippers SNG-AP

  • Needle gripper for handling non-rigid and highly porous materials (primarily textiles)
  • Handling materials that are difficult to grip using vacuum such as composite textiles, fleece, filter materials, insulation and foam materials etc.
  • Flexible handling of materials with changing stacking height due to free selectable stroke adjustement

Our Highlights...

  • Intersecting needles and small gripping area
  • Low weight and double-acting pneumatic cylinders
  • Tool-free simultaneous needle stroke adjustment up to a maximum of 20 mm
  • One central pneumatic drive
  • Compressed air connection for quick and accurate depositing using blow-off pulses
  • Quick and tool-free cleaning of the needles and replacing the needle modules

Your Benefits...

  • Safe handling, even of small and very unstable workpieces
  • High acceleration for minimized cycle times
  • Individual adaptation to different workpiece geometries; fast start of operations and set-up time
  • Synchronous extension and retraction of the needles; reduces the need for couplings and hoses
  • High level of process reliability and exact positioning; short cycle times
  • Low maintenance

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