Vision & Handling Sets 3D-R

Vision & Handling Sets 3D-R

  • Gripping system based on an electrical vacuum generator including camera system and software
  • Solution for Box- and Item-Pick
  • Suitable for operation with lightweight robots and cobots
Handling Sets ECBPM

Handling Sets ECBPM

  • Set includes vacuum generator, flange, suction cup and connection cable
  • Flexible, replaceable suction cup
  • Suction rate up to 1.6 l/min
  • Max. vacuum: 60 %
Compact Ejectors SCPMb / SCPMc / SCPMi

Compact Ejectors SCPMb / SCPMc / SCPMi

  • Suction capacity up to 28 l/min
  • Max. vacuum: 87 %
  • Body made of plastic
Compact Terminal SCTSi Ethernet

Compact Terminal SCTSi Ethernet

  • Suction capacity up to 67 l/min
  • Max. vacuum: 85 %
  • Body made of plastic
  • Ethernet interface via EtherCat, Ethernet/IP or ProfiNet
Flat Suction Cups SUF

Flat Suction Cups SUF

  • Diameter: 1 to 100 mm
  • Material: NBR, NBR-ESD, SI, SI-AS, HT1
Suction Plates SUF

Suction Plates SUF

  • Diameter: 125 to 210 mm
  • Material: NBR
  • Reinforced plastic supporting plate

Spring Plungers FSTIm

  • Modular suction cup connection
  • Stroke: 5 to 20 mm
  • Internal damping spring
  • With / without anti-rotation guard

Area Gripping Systems FXP

  • Integrated vacuum generator (ejector)
  • Sealing element: Sealing foam or suction cups

Vacuum Blocks VCBL-K1

  • 1-circuit vacuum systems
  • Hose-free
  • Pre-fixation with guide strips

Replacement Suction Plates

  • Replacement suction plates for restoring a vacuum block after wear

Vacuum Blocks VCBL-K2

  • 2-circuit vacuum systems
  • Hose-free
  • Pre-fixation to console by means of vacuum

Vacuum Blocks VCBL-S

  • Vacuum system for SCM consoles
  • Integrated touch valve
  • Mechanical pre-fixation to the console

Vacuum block VCBL-R

  • Vacuum system for grid tables
  • Fixation via positioning inserts
  • Integrated touch valve

Vacuum Blocks VCBL-G-K2

  • 2-circuit vacuum system
  • With two hose connections
  • Pre-fixation by means of vacuum

Vacuum block VCBL-GL

  • 2-circuit vacuum systems
  • With two hose connections

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Vacuum Technology for Automation

  • Wide range of individual components for designing your own vacuum systems. Customized ready-to-connect gripping systems.

Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems

  • Ergonomic handling technology for manual work processes. The solutions consist of a vacuum lifter and compatible crane system.

Vacuum Clamping Technology

  • Vacuum clamping technology for reliable and warp-free processing of workpieces in CNC machining centers.
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Components for automation, vacuum clamping technology and workshop equipment

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With the finger gripper OFG, Schmalz has a new gripper in its product range that grips in a tight-fitting and gentle manner. Delicate food products...

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Get a Grip on What Comes

Schmalz has designed a new multi-gripper for the vacuum tube lifters in the JumboFlex series. Thanks to additive production technology, it is...

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Tolerance to Shape and Size

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Videos demonstrate the variety of
applications for vacuum lifters and crane systems.

Vacuum Technology from the Market Leader

Real competitive benefits thanks to modern vacuum technology

Vacuum technology is in demand in a variety of industry sectors and is utilized in many ways ranging from individual components to complete solutions. Schmalz is the market leader in vacuum automation and ergonomic handling solutions, combining decades of experience and comprehensive expertise with the ambition to create custom solutions for our customers from industry and trade. We help companies in the automation technology, handling technology and clamping technology sectors to design their production processes more efficiently and strike new paths with the help of vacuum technology.

A feature of all vacuum components and systems is the use of a vacuum as a holding force. Vacuum technology is employed in a variety of industries – Schmalz aids and assists companies from a multitude of sectors, including the automotive industry, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, the glass and woodworking sector, logistics, packaging and wind energy. We place a special emphasis on meeting the specific requirements of different industry sectors and offering individual solutions with vacuum technology.

Formed in 1910, Schmalz is now the market leader in vacuum automation and ergonomic handling solutions. Our international network supports companies at home and abroad, providing you with real competitive benefits thanks to our expertise and many years of experience. Expert system consultants are there for you from the first planning steps to the commissioning and assembly of your system and beyond. You can look forward to working with a reliable and trustful partner that sets new benchmarks in your production processes with vacuum technology and impressive solutions with the highest degree of technical innovation and functionality.

Innovative vacuum technology: from single components to system solutions

With individual vacuum components ranging from suction pads (also: vacuum cups) to special grippers to vacuum generators, Schmalz has a hugely diverse product portfolio that can be precisely tailored to a variety of requirements. As well as this range of individual components, the portfolio includes Schmalz vacuum gripping systems, which are available as large-area or layer gripping systems and suction spiders. Their modular design gives these complete and ready-to-connect systems maximum flexibility for custom application.

Vacuum handling systems (e.g. Schmalz lifting devices) from Schmalz simplify work processes and ensure gentle and efficient handling of workpieces, while our clamping solutions offer precise and reliable clamping functions tailored to your requirements.

In the area of vacuum technology, Schmalz offers a hugely diverse product and service portfolio that can be adapted to create the optimum solution for specific customer needs and ideas. The Schmalz component range comprises more than 6,000 individual components. They are the cornerstone of every vacuum system.

When you make a purchase in our online shop, you can benefit from our especially attractive terms and conditions and receive a 5% discount on the list price for all of our vacuum components, vacuum handling systems and selected vacuum clamping systems. For orders over 100 euro, we deliver your vacuum technology straight to your door free of charge, with no packaging costs or minimum quantity surcharges.