Needle Grippers SNG-BV

  • Combination of the principles of operation of the needle gripper and floating suction cup
  • Process-secure separation of composite textiles using SBS floating suction cup
  • SNG-V needle gripper for energy-optimized handling of porous and non-rigid textiles and semi-finished products
  • Precise handling through upright needles

Our Highlights...

  • Bernoulli's principle
  • Gripping the workpiece with crossed needles
  • Variable needle stroke for crossed needles
  • Precisely handling and fixing the workpiece with 4 vertical needles
  • Handling possible with and without floating suction cup

Your Benefits...

  • Reliable separation
  • A secure hold of unstable workpieces and no compressed air consumption during the handling process
  • Individual adaptation to workpieces with a different thickness
  • Flow rate of floating suction cups positioned closely next to each other without impacting the workpiece position
  • Flexible and programmable processes

Individual items in the product family Needle Grippers SNG-BV


SNG-BV 10 1.2 V 100SF SBS-4POS
Pneumatic needle gripper with additional positioning needles and floating suction cup function
Number of needles: 10
Needle diameter: 1.2 mm
External diameter D: 100 mm
Design: Standard Flow
Additional function: Variable stroke
Pressure range (operating pressure):
3.0 ... 7.0 bar
Additional feature:
SBS and 4 positioning needles