• Spring plunger with integrated mounting facilities for handling of workpieces with differing heights
  • Handling of sheets and planks of wood in the furniture, chipboard, door and flooring industries
  • Handling tasks in dusty surroundings
Spring Plungers FSTF
  • Plastic mounting block (2) with integrated guide for plunger rod (no additional sliding bearing)
  • Connection thread for suction cup (4)
  • Connection thread for vacuum supply (1)
  • Lower damping spring (3)
  • Plunger rod made of high-strength aluminum alloy, with integrated anti-blocking device to protect against spring breakage
  • 알루미늄 프로파일에 "Standard"또는 "Comfort"장착 키트를 사용하여 장착
  • Connection: G1/2"
  • Stroke: 50 mm
  • Variable mounting facility
  • Integrated vacuum feed
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