Compact Ejectors SCPS-L / SCPSi-L

  • Compact ejector for handling highly air-permeable as well as suction-tight workpieces
  • Handling of not rigid workpieces such as bags or cartons
  • Use in robot handling and on linear axes
  • Pick & Place applications with shortest cycle times
  • For systems with limited space and high dynamics when gripping parts
  • Typically used for fully automated part handling
제품 하이라이트
  • Efficient eco nozzle technology for high suction rate with minimized compressed air consumption
  • Simple, tool-free exchange of SEP nozzles for fast cleaning due to modular design
  • Transfer and output of device and process parameters, both in IO-Link and in SIO mode
  • Vacuum connection G1/2" for a wide range of capacities through flexible use of the SEP 22 nozzles
Compact Ejectors SCPS-L / SCPSi-L
  • Pneumatic connections (1) and (5)
  • Mounting holes (2)
  • Display and control element: SCPS-L (with bar display) and SCPSi-L (with display) (3)
  • Central electrical connection via M12-5 plug (4)
  • Integrated multi-stage nozzle (6) with retaining cap and inserted silencer (7)
  • 배기 배출구 (8)
  • Suction rate up to 363 l/min
  • Max. Vacuum: 90 %
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