• Ejector module for energy efficient vacuum generation with Schmalz eco nozzle technology
  • Direct installation in gripping tools without separate housing
  • Integration of the vacuum generation as close as possible to the suction cup
  • For use in the packaging industry, e.g. in carton erectors or multi-circuit systems
제품 하이라이트
  • Powerful but energy-efficient vacuum generation
  • Air consumption optionally optimized for airtight (HV) or porous (HF) workpieces
  • Working vacuum is reached very quickly, leakages are safely compensated
  • Long service intervals, as insensitive to dirt; easy cleaning
Ejector Modules ecoPump SEP
  • Compact, lightweight plastic ejector nozzle (1)
  • Available in three performance classes and two versions with optimized air consumption for airtight (HV) or porous (HF) materials
  • Available with optional holder cap SHC (2) for fixation of the ejector nozzle, alternatively with silencer SD or with ecoPump housing SFE (3)
  • Suction rate up to 309 l/min
  • For airtight or porous workpieces
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