• Handling of metal sheets with fast acceleration rates (shorter cycle times)
  • Handling of thin steel sheets and aluminium sheets without deformation
  • Secure gripping of oily metal sheets thanks to special groove on the bottom of the suction cup
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  • Modular suction cup with reusable nipple through simple screw mounting from below
  • Wear optimized friction disc and friction force optimization through two elastomer components
  • No separation necessary during recycling, as the suction cup is made completely of plastics
  • Structured support surface prevents deep drawing and withstands the highest lateral forces even on oily sheets
  • Soft sealing lip also adapts to slightly curved surfaces
  • Robust and hard-wearing suction cup SAFT-C with single sealing lip, special groove and inner support
  • Suitable for use together with special tooling
  • Separate suction cup and friction disc, made of different elastomer materials
  • Suction cup made completely of plastic (no metal insert)
  • Suction cup and friction disc can be replaced separately, retaining the connection nipple
  • Diameters: 60 and 80 mm
  • Material: NBR


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