Phase-out article
  • Round, flat suction cup for handling of wooden veneers, wafers and solar cells
  • Handling of various packing material, e.g. plastic films, paper, blister packs
  • Gentle handling of plastic films and paper due to flat, long-tapered sealing lip and inner support
Suction Cups SFF / SFB1

제품군 Flat Suction Cups SGPN 단계적으로 중단되며 2025. 12. 31

이 날짜부터이 제품군의 항목을 더 이상 주문할 수 없습니다.
대체 가족 (사진 참조) : Suction Cups SFF / SFB1

제품 하이라이트
  • Flat tapered sealing lip with support structure prevents pulling into the suction cup, for example with thin film, paper and solar cells
  • Suction cup made of natural rubber NK with 40 Shore A prevents crinkling when gripping paper and film
  • Suction cup made of silicone SI with 50 Shore A is ozone, UV and heat resistant
  • Suction cup made of HT1 leaves no visible marks on the workpiece
Flat Suction Cups SGPN
  • Robust, wear-resistant suction cup SGPN (3) with single sealing lip, consisting of suction cup SGP (2) and connection nipple (1)
  • Nipple plugged into cup
  • With each nipple family, the replacement cups and nipples can be combined as desired
  • Diameter: 15 to 40 mm
  • Material: FPM, HT1, NK, SI
  • Connection nipple plugged into elastomer part


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