Clamping for CNC Machining

The clamping solutions for wood ensure safe and efficient clamping in woodworking. Perfectly matched to the requirements of the industry, the clamping devices for metal and glass help to ensure process-reliable and distortion-free clamping of the workpieces.

When selecting an article in the follwoing product families, watch out for the labeling Schmalz Select.

Clamping equipment for wood

Vacuum Blocks VCBL-K1

  • For 1-circuit vacuum systems
  • Hose-free
  • Pre-fixation with guide strips

Vacuum Blocks VCBL-K2

  • For 2-circuit vacuum systems
  • Hose-free
  • Pre-fixation with vacuum

Replacement Suction Plates

  • Replacement suction plates for restoring a vacuum block after wear

Clamping Equipment for Biesse Consoles

  • Hose-free vacuum system
  • Integrated touch valve
  • Pre-fixation in the suction block mounting

Vacuum Blocks VCBL-S

  • Hose-free vacuum system
  • Integrated touch valve
  • Mechanical pre-fixation

Vacuum Blocks VCBL-G-K2

  • For flat tables with 2-circuit vacuum system
  • Pre-fixation and fixation with vacuum
  • Pre-fastening by means of vacuum

Mechanical Clamps

  • Mechanical clamps for frame and window profiles
  • For console, flat and grid tables

Adapter-Plates ISAP-S

  • Flexible positioning of suction cups for workpieces with small suction surfaces
  • For Schmalz consoles (single-circuit and two-circuit systems)
  • Dimensions: 195 x 195 mm

Innospann Steel-Plate ISST

  • Steel-Plate with vacuum openings for flexibly positioning of the clamping equipment
  • For flexible positioning of clamping equipment from the Innospann modular system

Multi-Clamp with Integrated Vacuum Generation

  • All-in-one system consisting of a suction plate and the rotation/swiveling unit Multi-Base
  • Integrated ejector with connector for standard compressed air connections

Clamping Equipment for Grid Tables

  • For all common grid tables
  • Fixation via positioning inserts
  • Integrated touch valve

Clamping Solutions for Solid Wood

  • Clamping equipment for absorption of high cutting forces while processing solid wood parts

Clamping equipment for metal and glass

Vacuum Blocks VCBL-GL

  • Two-circuit vacuum system with hose connection
  • Fixation and positioning with vacuum

Clamping System Matrix-Plate

  • Clamping system made of high-strength aluminum
  • Optional friction pads (RI) for 30 % greater shear force absorption

Vacuum Unit VAGG

  • Mobile vacuum generation and monitoring
  • Suction capacities of 6, 18, 40 and 63 m³/h