Area grippers and Vacuum End Effectors

The Schmalz area grippers are used in various robot applications due to their lightweight design. The area grippers have a modular design that allows them to be adapted and constructed quickly and easily to meet different customer requirements.

The universal grippers are suitable for a wide range of applications in handling workpieces: 

  • With different geometries and surfaces
  • Independent from their size and weight
  • With porous properties and gaps
  • With an undefined pick-up position

Vacuum End Effectors

The Schmalz modular system for vacuum end effectors (VEE) allows fast, flexible configuration of end effectors for different processes. A wide selection of combinations of vacuum feed and zones, connection elements and suction cup connections is available to create the matching end effector. The VEE online configurator helps you to create a tailored made Vacuum End Effector solution in just a few mouse clicks.


(1) Flange plates for standard types of robots

(2) Flange modules rigid or rotating by 360°; can be extended (optional)

(3) Basic modules

(4) Connector node

(5) Top connector G3/8"-F or closed

(6) Bottom connector incl. sealing element G1/8"-F, G1/4"-F, G3/8"-F or closed

(7) Stabilization elements (available as a suction cup accessory)

(8) Screw cover (optional)

(9) Vacuum suction cups (can be selected from the Schmalz product range)

(10) Connection tubes

(11) Plugs for partitioning into different vacuum zones

(12) Plugs

(13) Solenoid valve for active blow off

(14) Vacuum modules flange modules with integrated vacuum generation