Vacuum Lifters and Crane Systems

Vacuum lifter while handling cardboard boxes in a logistics area

Schmalz offers handling technology for manual lifting tasks in numerous industries. The solutions consist of a vacuum lifter such as a tube lifter Jumbo or a lifting device VacuMaster and a compatible crane system.

Selection Aid Vacuum Lifters:

Function and selection of vacuum lifters

Vacuum lifters provide an ergonomic working environment. They help prevent health problems caused by lifting and moving heavy loads. Schmalz offers vacuum lifters with perfectly coordinated crane systems made of aluminum components. This means the crane systems are particularly responsive and support ergonomic work with the vacuum lifters.

Schmalz divides its product portfolio of vacuum lifters into vacuum tube lifters of the type Jumbo and vacuum lifting devices of the type VacuMaster.


Tube Lifter Jumbo

Move goods weighing up to 300 kg quickly and easily

  • Lifting unit, operating unit, suction pads and vacuum generator configurable
  • Lifting and lowering the load using vacuum

Lifting Device VacuMaster

Move heavy loads weghing up to several tons ergonomically and securely

  • Basic modules, operator handles, load beams and suction plates configurable
  • Lifting and lowering the load using a chain hoist

Crane Systems and Jib Cranes

Aluminum crane systems and jib cranes for indoors

  • Optimally adjustable to the nominal lift capacity of the vacuum lifters
  • Outstanding low-friction operation and low moving mass

Workshop Equipment

Damage-Free Storage, Transport and Clamping of Workpieces

  • Transport trolleys for space-saving storage
  • Vacuum workbenches and vacuum work stands for clamping workpieces

Our vacuum lifters are compliant to the machinery directive CE and all valid laws of the European Union. All our devices are marked with the CE lable, are individually tested before shipment and are delivered with a declaration of conformity, the operating and maintenance instructions.

Practical Examples of Vacuum Lifters

Vacuum lifters from Schmalz are used in a wide variety of industries to ensure efficient material flows. Our many years of experience and our close relationships with our customers mean we understand your processes, which allows us to produce products to meet the highest standards. Vacuum lifters allow loads to be handled faster and more securely while protecting both the materials and your employees. At your request, Schmalz can provide you with a complete workplace solution consisting of a vacuum lifter and a crane designed to work perfectly with that system.

See our vacuum lifters in action

Schlauchheber JumboErgo bei der Beladung von einer CNC Maschine

JumboErgo Vacuum Tube Lifter for Efficiently Loading CNC Machining Centers

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Schlauchheber JumboErgo bei der Handhabung von Türrohlingen

JumboErgo Vacuum Tube Lifter for Efficiently Loading CNC Machining Centers

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Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster Basic Ensures a High Degree of Work Safety when Handling Metal Plates Type of usage:

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Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster Basic Helps with Customer Order Picking of Checker Plates

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Tube lifter for wooden boards

Vacuum tube lifter JumboErgo for loading and unloading CNC woodworking centers

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Tube lifter for bags

Vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex for quick handling of sacks in a logistics center

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Lifting device for glass sheets

Vacuum Lifting Device VacuMaster for ergonomic handling of large glass elements in outdoor applications

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Tube lifter for wooden boards

Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboErgo simplifies loading wooden boards into a CNC woodworking machine

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Tube lifter for baggage

Vacuum Tube Lifter JumboFlex for ergonomic baggage handling at airports

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