Distributor Selection


The distributor has to match the used hose diameter and the number of suction cups.

The hose VSL 8/6 has an outside diameter of 8 mm and an internal diameter of 6 mm. Six suction cups are used.

For this example we choose:

Plug-in screw unions STV-GE G1/4-AG 8 for the hose VSL 8/6 with outside diameter 8 mm and internal diameter 6 mm as well as 1/4" thread matching the female thread of the distributor.

Plug-in screw union STV-GE G3/8-AG 8 fits the spring plunger.

Distributor VTR G3/8-IG 9xG1/4 with one input (3/8" thread) and nine outputs (1/4" thread).

Three sealing screws VRS-SB G1/4-AG to close the three open outputs.