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With increasing digitization and connectivity in almost every industry, not only the demand for electronic components is increasing, but also their complexity. In the automotive, consumer electronics (handsets), infrastructure and aviation sectors, for example, the demands placed on parts and components are constantly increasing. New production technologies and miniaturization are the results.

In the semiconductor sector, increasingly better and more powerful chips are manufactured, which are further processed in complex processes in the packaging sector. Due to the steadily decreasing form factor, PCB manufacturers and developers are required to generate more complex circuits and to manufacture them reliably. The high demand for electronic devices also requires manufacturers in all areas to improve their processes, increase throughput and achieve YIELD increases. Automation and information processing are part of this process. Safe and sensitive handling of components and products within the process chain are becoming increasingly important.

Vacuum technology and the associated vacuum systems make it possible to meet the requirements. Thanks to Schmalz's expertise in the field of vacuum technology and the associated knowledge of the electronics industry, Schmalz can offer the right solutions for the most advanced processes. In addition, new products are constantly being developed to meet the increasing requirements in the individual areas of semiconductor, printed circuit board and end product production.

Vacuum suction cups made of NBR-ESD
Vacuum suction cups made of NBR-ESD

Electrostatic charges and the discharges that result represent a great danger to electronic components and assemblies. In the context of electronic components, electrostatic discharge is often abbreviated ESD.

Uncontrolled discharges of electrical potential create high voltage and can cause irreversible damage to electronic components. Conductive, dissipative materials are required to safely allow quick yet controlled discharging of the component. For this purpose, Schmalz provides suction cups made of the dissipative material NBR-ESD.

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Vacuum Technology in Action

Der Strömungsgreifer SCG eignet sich ideal zur Handhabung von bestückten Leiterplatten. Der Greifer übt nur einen minimalen Oberflächendruck auf das Werkstück aus, so dass die sensiblen Leiterplatten bei der Handhabung nicht beschädigt werden.

Der Strömungsgreifer SCG ist mit einem Sauggreifer aus antistatischem Material ausgestattet, potenzielle, elektrische Landungen werden so abgeleitet. Das anschmiegsame Material gleicht zudem Höhenunterschiede durch Bauelemente auf der Leiterplatte optimal aus.

Darüber hinaus erlaubt der Strömungsgreifer die Handhabung von Leiterplatten mit großen Öffnungen und Bohrungen. Der geringe Belegungsgrad des Greifers wird durch den hohen Volumenstrom ausgeglichen.

Leiterplatten können mit dem Strömungsgreifer auch über den Bauelementen und mit großen Öffnungen sicher gegriffen werden.