SGM-S 70 G1/4-IG PNP

Part no.:
Magnetic gripper for handling metal sheets with holes
Diameter: 70 mm
Socket: G1/4"-F
Additional function: Sensor PNP
Holding force: 290 N
Pressure range (operating pressure):
3.5 ... 6.0 bar
Interface Connection cable:
Male connect M12, 4 pol
SGM-S 70 G1/4-IG PNP
Attribute Value
B 68.7 mm
G1 G1/4"-F
G2 G1/8"-F
G3 M12x1-M
G4 M5-F
H 71.4 mm
H1 80.2 mm
LG1 11 mm
LG2 6 mm
LG4 8 mm
Length of cable 300 mm
X1 58 mm
Y1 15 mm