SAOXM 60x20 ED-85 RA

Part no.:
High-Speed bell shaped suction cup for (oval) very dynamic handling of smooth and oily workpieces
Dimensions (LxB): 60 x 20 mm
Suction cup material: Elastodur
Material hardness: 85 °Sh
Vacuum connection:
Rectangular adapter
Nipple material: Aluminium
Additional feature: Friction Disc
SAOXM 60x20 ED-85 RA
Attribute Value
Bmax(S) 24 mm
Bs 18.7 mm
dn 5.1 mm
H 30.8 mm
L4 31.8 mm
Lmax(S) 67 mm
Ls 61.8 mm
SW3 5 mm
Z 4.5 mm